A Presentation by Ronald Poole
Stop Sexual Assaults
Ronald Poole

Stop Sexual Assaults

cathartic movement towards sexual awareness

Unconscious Sexual Aggression

There is a lot of evolutionary and theoretical space between the notion of homo sapiens as members of the animal kingdom and consciousness, and an individual's moral compass and social values.

One would hope that as encultured members of a post-modern society one's personal moral compass would reflect those worthy social values. But time and again we are proven wrong.

For some reason, even the most respected men (and women) disregard their moral compass and become sexually aggressive, bypassing those two alert words STOP! and NO!

Louder and more persistent messaging, and even formalized rules of conduct within an organization, cannot prevent some individuals from disregarding both their moral compass and those formal rules of conduct.

In an interactive lecture style Ron will address this human phenomenon with conceptual tools which expose the unconscious motivation behind unwanted sexual aggression.

Objective: Catharsis

Cathartic movement, that "a hah" moment, coincides with the becoming of a better human being. Ron's objective is participant enlightenment : specifically in relation to unconscious sexual impulse.

He begins by presenting a unique view of the human condition, and by the end of the lecture will have shifted the paradigm of sexual impulse from one of unconscious NEED to one of conscious WANT.

"Need" reduces the other to an object... an object with the sole purpose of fulfilling the agressor's impulse.

"Want" infers a conscious act... and conscious action should, by virtue of its own existence, anticipate reciprocated consciousness.

The giver of flowers expects a conscious reaction. A conscious sexual advance should, by its own existence, RESPECTFULLY REGISTER a conscious yes, no or deferral.

Ron makes no assumptions that all participants, or even a majority of the participants, will experience their own cathartic moment. That moment may have already arrived, it may come later in life, perhaps in months or years, or it may never arrive at all.

What he does guarantee is that all participants will be given a set of conceptual tools that will allow them to self reflect and to think about the universality of our human condition.

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