A Presentation by Ronald Poole
Stop Sexual Assaults

A Brief History

Stop Sexual Assaults

Ronald Poole

Ron was raised on a small dairy farm in Ontario Canada.

After graduating high school he kept meeting people in life who he believed knew something that he didn't and he needed to discover that missing piece of knowledge.

He found that allusive nugget in his university studies of the liberal arts. What he discovered is while it is important to know thyself, it is also important to be critically aware of the origins of our thoughts.

The success of science, especially in the post-nuclear age, has medicated society into the belief that science can solve our many social afflictions.

Ron believes that we already have the answers to these afflictions within our selves and that in many cases we simply need to be pointed in the direction of self discovery.

A Synopsis

What is the motivation behind sexual aggression? Is control of sexual aggression liberation or repression?

There are only two reasons for sex: procreation and pleasure. Unwanted sexual aggression means that one of the parties involved does not want to experience intimate pleasures with that other person and most certainly does not want to procreate with that other person.

Ron believes that guided self reflection provides the most immediate and lasting remedy for stopping that type of behaviour. He asks questions and offers some insightful answers to help people on their path to self-understanding and sexual awareness.

  • Are whales conscious
  • What is consciousness
  • What is the content of consciousness
  • What are symbols
  • What are institutions / organizations
  • What is culture
  • What is power
  • What is social theory
  • Is consciousness multi-level
  • Why do we have sex
  • Define sexual aggression
  • Define libido
  • Define sexual repression
  • Can we manage our libido
  • Does liberation void sexual repression

Ron is available for bookings throughout Canada and the United States. One on one sessions are available with standard rates applied, including return travel and one night accommodation.