A Presentation by Ronald Poole
Stop Sexual Assaults

Essential Requirements

Stop Sexual Assaults

Securing a Safe Place

Open discussion requires trust - trust that everything stated and questioned throughout the discussion will not be rebroadcast and will remain in confidence.

For this reason all attendees will be required to turn off their electronic devices and lock them in a secure phone kiosk. All attendees will also be screened by security for other types of recording devices.

A security service will provide the following:

  • Security Wand
  • Lockable Phone Kiosk
  • Portable Safe to Store Conceal Carry
  • Security Comm to Building Security
  • Unarmed Security Officer

These security measures are essential to ensuring the trust, safety and confidence of everyone.

Presentational Aides

The one essential item that Ronald will require is a marker board, chalk board or flip board.

A lot of terrain will be covered throughout the presentation, but interspersed with key markers. It will be important to keep those markers visible and in focus.

Of lesser importance, but still valuable, is fact checking. An internet connected flat screen will become the "GO TO" when challenged on facts and probabilities surrounding the incidence of sexual assault as well as theoretical nuance.

The objective is to begin our discussion in a trusted environment where all participants can speak freely without fear of judgement and without fear of being recorded.