A Presentation by Ronald Poole
Stop Sexual Assaults

The Optimal Setting

Stop Sexual Assaults

Small to Medium Classes

All organizations are not alike and will want to process and disseminate their new insights in their own way. Small meeting sizes will suit those who prefer managerial inclusion only.

Larger participant numbers are welcome, but given Ron's participatory approach and the nature of the topic, the number of participants should be limited to no more than 50 people.

He will encourage broad participation in the form of questions and answers, and answers will arrive in the form of group consensus at each step. It is for this reason the meeting size will need to be limited.

Behavioural psychology approaches the problem of correcting sexual assault, or any human behavioural deviation for that matter, into four or five steps:

  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Predict
  • Change / or Control and Improve

Ron believes there is a much more direct approach which will offer more immediate results and which will ensure permanent and lasting change.

Testing Success

The best way to test for success is to conclude the meeting with an evaluation form. Human Resource departments are welcome to provide their own questionaire. They are also welcome to consult with Ron to discuss relevant questions.

  • Creativity and originality of logic
  • Uniqueness of ideas
  • Significance to my life
  • Clarity of content
  • Engaged with audience
  • Did not learn anything new
  • Responded well to questions
  • Reinforced what I already knew
  • Good delivery
  • This has changed my life
  • Will have no effect on my relationships
  • Will give further thought to the discussion

These and other questions can be arranged to test the general success of Ron's presentation.

In rare cases a participant may find their new-found knowledge unsettling - perhaps traumatic. Organizers are encouraged to provide time for decompression and to provide support where needed.